Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

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Orthopaedic Rehabilitation -

We treat following orthopaedic conditions

In Orthopaedics generally pain is the main reason for which a patient walks into the emergency or opd. It can be either because of a trauma or a disease. In both the cases this pain is a clue for a Manual therapist to diagnose the problem accurately. Looking for Physiotherapist in Rajinder Nagar? We in Dr Jayant healing hands do not only work to relieve a person from pain but,, we work on the actual cause and heal it.

So our approach doesn’t include
  • pain killers
  • surgery

Simply because pain killer can only kill the pain and hide the real problem behind it.

For example:-

An old person with knee arthritis walks into an Opd. Where she doesn’t meet a manual therapist but instead of that she meets a surgeon or a physician who puts her on a course of pain killers or wants to perform a surgery. In both the cases this person suffers more and doesn’t get an ultimate relief.

As in the effect of a painkiller person performs even those activities,,, which pain would have stopped and ends up getting more deformities and in case of surgery. Lack of optimum muscle power both a natural joint and muscle strength is lost.

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