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 Drjayantmanchandahealinghands, is one of the few clinics in India to have received an international certificate of taping (from OXFORD) UK. 
  K-taping is definitely a buzz word in the field of sports medicine. This brightly coloured tape is now a very   common  sight at all major sports events throughout the world and is even seen on orthopedic/ neurological  patients.
Different types of application :-
 â—  K- tape can be applied in the shape of :
 â— `Y' shape 
 â— `I' shape 
 â— `X' shape 
 â— `FAN' shape
 â— `DONUT' shape 
K- Taping can be used in all
 â—  Orthopedic conditions 
 â— Neurological conditions 
 â— Sports conditions 
 HOW TO K- tape helps (diagram)


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