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Dr. Jayant Manchanda Healing Hands is the most trusted “Manual therapists”in Delhi near you.We are a team of the best manual therapists in Delhi from last 19 Years. Our team leader Dr jayant Manchanda has tought us everything and we call ourselves Dr. Jayant Manchanda Healing Hands with proud.We as a team not only handle OPD but also work with very serious patients in ICU. Where our primary job involves getting the patients extubated with highest level of pulmonary rehabilitation and exercise therapy.On the other hand in OPD we work in a very coordinated manner to find out the reason of the pain and then kill pain and the reason both.

Manual Therapy

  • Chiropractic
  • Osteopathy
  • Physiotherapy

Specially for soft tissue

  • Cupping
  • Dryneedling
  • K-Taping
  • Therapeutic Gym
  • Yoga & Meditation

Why Dr. Jayant is famous Physiotherapist in Delhi

  • We provide best quality treatment
  • We provide cost-effective treatment
  • 99% of our patients get Fully Heal
  • Out of compassion we are always ready to help financially challenged patients by making free cards
  • We arrange camps and workshops all over India
  • With the growing demand of educational videos on social platforms we always stay updated on (Instagram,Facebook,YouTube)

Dr. Jayant Healing Hands - Best Spine & Peripheral Joints Specialist

Dr Jayant Healing Hands is the first clinic in India to have collaboration with the ART OF HVT ( High velocity thrust) through Dr. David Lintonbon senior tutor (35 yrs of experience) in London school of osteopathy and British college of osteopathy.


  • Dr. Komal Gaur (Masters In Orthopaedic)
  • Dr. Nitin Gaur (P & O) Manual Therapist
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Our Approach

Well the most important aspect of our approach is “ASSESSMENT” and an assessment with pin point accuracy in finding a “DIAGNOSIS “ is the hallmark of Drjayantmanchandahealinghands. In today’s day and age when physicians and surgeons and even those professionals who have no idea of musculoskeletal ailments try their best to diagnose by getting (scans,expensive tests) but they end up treating the investigations only but not the person(patient).As they lack hands-on skills and practice.So we as the title suggests are “MANUAL THERAPISTS” so as we trust our hands more then the investigations we always end up treating the person and on this way “HEAL” them.*

We follow a protocol that involves

  • Detailed history taking
  • Then a very careful observation with our dominant eye(Postural analysis)
  • Palpations
  • Special tests
  • Investigations only in the cases where we think there occurs any 🚩 flags
  • A comprehensive discussion between Dr Jayant and the team
  • Treatment plan

Explanation and consent

-Before starting any type of treatment we believe in explaining the problem to patient and their attendants in a very elaborated manner so that they get mentally and physically ready.Well we always ask our patients if there is a financial problem and they cannot afford the treatment (then we give maximum discounts and even do the treatment for free) As we believe no one in this world deserves our treatment more then those who cannot afford

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We have the best Indian as well as European Modalities required for the best results


Personalized & effective treatment methods.

Professional Therapist

We have a team of qualified and manually skilled physiotherapists and assistants under our director Dr. Jayant Manchanda

Our Clinic Doctors

Dr Jayant Manchanda MPT ORTHO

Certified Osteopath (UK)
Certified kinesiology taping
(OXFORD) Certified IASTM user (USA)

MR Rahul

Physiotherapy Assistant

Dr Jayant Manchanda MPT ORTHO & Dr. David Lintonbon

Certified Osteopath (UK)
Certified kinesiology taping
(OXFORD) Certified IASTM user (USA)

Dr. Komal Gaur MPT ORTHO

Certified Pilates instructor
Certified IASTM user
Certified Visceral osteopathy
Certified Kinesiotaping

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