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| About Dr. Jayant Healing Hands -

There are many Great manual therapists all around the world.But there are only few like our HOD (Dr jayantmanchanda) simply because of a vast theoretical and practical knowledge.And also learning HIGH VELOCITY THRUST (MANIPULATIONS)AFTER 12 years of experience has given him this amazing abilities to diagnose with pin point accuracy and deliver thrust techniques with no risk and 110% benefits.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy(HVT)
  • Atop-Chiropractic

With the combination of above three and result oriented approach healing is certain in any type of problem.Every patient and every problem isn’t the same though it looks like same way every treatment is designed in variety of different grades

For example:-

A patient with disc problem with osteoporosis shouldn’t be (HVT)high velocity thrust or manipulated as it is contraindicated so in that case mobalization with lower grade is indicated that can only be done by a correct knowledge of Physiotherapy

One more example is a patient with initial phase of cervical and lumbar degeneration feels stiffness with out pain,, which can only be relived by getting the facets joints to slide which is only possible with high velocity thrust(HVT) provides that there isn’t any osteoporosis.

Another example is that there are few cases for eg sports injury. Where there is a strain or sprain which gets relieved with an electro modality like LASER. so because of Physiotherapy knowledge even electro modalities can be an integral part of the treatment for great results.

Dr. Jayant Healing Hands is the first clinic in India to have collaboration with the ART OF HVT ( High velocity thrust) through Dr. David Lintonbon senior tutor (35 yrs of experience).

  • London school of osteopathy
  • British college of osteopathy.

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Dr. Jayant Healing Hands, is one of the few clinics in India to have received an international  certificate of taping (from OXFORD) UK.
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IASTM ( Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation)

Dr. Jayant Healing Hands is one of the few clinics in India to have received an international certificate of IASTM(GRASTONS TECHNIQUE (USA).
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We have a well equipped department with all the latest Modalities 

  • Tens
  • Combination 
  • Unit
  • Laser
  • Shock wave therapy 
  • Magneto therapy
  • Ultra sound
  • Cryotherapy
  • Ift and Muscle stimulator

Our team begin every day with icu,and ward patients followed by opd patients in both ipd and opd manual therapy helps in accelerated recovery with experience i have learnt that combination of manual therapy techniques gives the best results for example :- pnf, maitland, mulligan, met, mcanzie, cyriax, roods, bobath, ndt, taping, brunstorm, chiropracit and ostiopathy.

After carefully noting down the history of the patients and observation our session includes palpation with peripheral eyes and getting the right diagnosis and treatment done followed by home programme. I feel thankful to the almighty that day has blessed me with piece skills.

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