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At our clinic we cover all sports injuries. But we have special interest in “Cricketing injuries”


Injuries to fast bowlers Before going into the details of fast bowling injuries.We must go through the -concept of fast bowling biomechanics behind fast bowling Fast bowling is a dynamic activity requiring bowlers to run-up and repeatedly deliver the ball at high speeds.Ball release speed is a major contributor to fast bowling success as it reduces the time the batsman has to interpret the path of the ball and make decisions regarding which shot to play.

Although cricket is generally considered a low-injury sport,fast bowlers have injury rates comparable to contact sports such as 🏉 rugby.


Most common injury is low back injury,lumbar stress fractures which occur predominantly on the non -dominant side (non-bowling arm) side accounting for most lost training and playing time.

Understanding a bowling action
It is decided into following
A) Run up
B) Back foot contact phase
C) Front foot contact phase
D) Follow through
Illustrations of the four fast bowling actions at the instant of back foot contact
A) Side on
B) Mid -way
C) Front -on
All A,B and C have shoulder and pelvis in line
D) Mixed action -It is further devised in to two
a) mixed side on
b) mixed front on

The development of lower back injury in fast bowlers is multi-factorial,involving a)incorrect technique

  • poor preparation
  • overuse and clinical features
  • Several researchers found out that there is a definite “relationship between the appearance radiological abnormalities and specific aspects of technique”


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